A well-organized termite colony can have more than a million hungry workers consuming over 100 pounds of wood per year. The average cost of termite treatment and damage repairs is more than $8,000.

Determining if you have a termite infestation can be tricky because so much of the damage is done inside the walls of a structure. However, there are some telling signs to look for that may indicate your Capital Region home or business needs termite control.

Signs you may have termites

Termites are small, but visible to the human eye. One of the first signs of a subterranean termite infestation is sighting winged termites. Termites are attracted to light and are often found near doors, windows, vents, light fixtures, and other light sources. If you see a termite swarm, it is time to call a termite exterminator. Without proper termite treatment, swarms will multiply. You may also see a small pile of wings in places like windowsills or other surfaces. Swarmer’s shed their wings shortly after taking flight.

You may notice some other warning signs that can help you identify a termite problem before major damage has been done. Be on the lookout for: abnormally squeaky floorboards, buckling wooden/laminate floorboards, pinholes in drywall, the hollow sound of wood when it is tapped, drooping and discolored drywall, stuck windows and doors, termite pellets (tiny piles of wood-colored droppings), and peeling paint.

Termite prevention

Termites are responsible for more than $5 billion in damage each year. Termite prevention is key in protecting your Capital Region home or business from destruction. Identify and eliminate entry points like gaps around gas and water lines and anywhere that has wood-to-ground contact. Reduce termite food sources by removing cellulose materials from your house and ensuring wood siding is at least six inches above the ground. Reduce excess moisture, especially in basement and crawlspace areas, and make sure water doesn’t pool on your roof or by the foundation. Inspect any lumber that comes in the home before using it. If you’re concerned that your home may attract termites, contact Attention Pest Solutions, your Capital Region termite exterminator, for a free inspection.

How to get rid of termites

Termite damage may not be noticeable until a few years after they have created a colony within your home. It can be tempting to perform a DIY solution to an infestation once discovered, but this runs the risk of missing termites or the termite queen, and soon enough, the problem will return or expand in full force. If termites have already made an invasion, Attention Pest Solutions will provide effective termite treatment, like the Hex-Pro™ Termite Baiting System with Shatter™ termite bait. Contact us as soon as you suspect a termite infestation. The longer the issue goes on, the more damage to the structure will be done, and termites will multiply if the issue goes untreated. We offer termite control in the areas of Saratoga Springs NY, Saratoga County, Albany NY, Albany County, Washington County, Fulton County, Warren County, Schenectady County and Montgomery County.