Attention Pest Solutions offers expert pest control in Cohoes, NY. Our customized pest control services offer everything you may need in a Cohoes exterminator, from preventative measures to full extermination of ongoing infestations. No home is the same, and that comes true for pest related concerns as well. We offer the best pest control near Cohoes at affordable rates. Attention Pest Solutions will advise you on all of your pest needs, all year round. We are here to provide the best pest control in Cohoes, NY.

Residential Pest Control in Cohoes

Local pest control should be tailored to the individual needs of your home and its surroundings. Our seasonal insect maintenance and rodent maintenance are economical preventative pest control services customized to address the needs of your Cohoes home.

For rodent maintenance, exterior rodent control devices can be installed and maintained. Step up your rodent control plan with our Wildlife & Rodent Attention Protective System which identifies and eliminates potential entry points into your Cohoes home.

If insect control in Cohoes is your concern, an economical seasonal maintenance plan will tackle occasional insect issues. Tick and mosquito issues can be handled with granular applications that can be made to landscapes and overgrowth at each routine service visit. Residual applications will be applied to overgrowth and other mosquito resting areas, and IGR dunks will be used in water depressions. Our In2Care Mosquito trap attracts and kills mosquitoes, while our Tick Box brushes a small amount of insecticide onto the fur of rodents for tick control.

If you’re looking for a termite exterminator in Cohoes, NY, our monitoring system and comprehensive baiting program will provide the most effective termite control.

Commercial Pest Control in Cohoes

Whether you need general pest management with monthly, quarterly, or weekly services, wildlife removal, termite control, or something else, Attention Pest Solutions covers every facet of your commercial pest control needs in Cohoes, NY.

Say goodbye to drain line backups! Our bio-remediation will take care of backups, reduce grease pit pumping, and eliminate pest breeding sites by removing organic build up utilizing microbes.

Cohoes pest control is made easy with traditional barrier treatments and baiting systems for termites, inspection and treatment for bed bugs, trapping and exclusion services for wildlife like bats and raccoons, and trapping and deterrent systems for birds.

For complete pest control and exterminator services in Cohoes, contact Attention Pest Solutions today.