We know that your family and your home are important to you, that is why we want to help you keep them safe from the dangers and damage caused by pests with our premier complete year-round home protection program: Complete ATTENTION Program PLUS (CAP PLUS). This all-in-one pest prevention maintenance program is customized to your home and comes with a 100% service guarantee. Our complete rodent and insect prevention plan takes a proactive approach to pest control. We want to protect your home from getting pests in the first place.

ATTENTION Pest Solutions’ mission is to protect your family and home from pests by providing the best quality preventative pest control program in the industry with customer care like you are family.

We are there when you need us the most!

  • Services are completed using Integrated Pest Management practices
  • Routine scheduled service visits
  • Flexible scheduling and emergency visits
  • Providing a protected online portal account to view appointments, service notes and make payments
  • Emailing regular service reports
  • Surveying the exterior of the house for small gaps that pests can use to get inside and sealing them
  • Using an environmentally sound spray for insects as a pest deterrent and preventive treatment around the perimeter of the home, where pests try to enter the interior of your home
  • Treating cracks and crevices along doors, window frames, gaps in the siding and other conducive areas of your home to prevent pests
  • Utilizing rodenticide bait devices around the perimeter of your home at the foundation
  • Inspection of termite monitoring devices at the exterior perimeter of your home
  • Access to your online account to see when and who was at your home as well as details on any pest activity
  • Before your pest prevention technician departs, we will address any questions or concerns about the visit

Every Other Month Pest Prevention Services

You can expect that ATTENTION Pest Solutions will leave no stone unturned during your year-round premium CAP PLUS service. Our pest management professionals pay ATTENTION to every detail on the exterior perimeter of your house to ensure your home is protected from pests, no matter what season it is. The outside of your home is inspected for signs of pests and will be treated to stop insects from getting inside. The rodenticide bait devices are also checked for activity and rebaited to control rodent activity. We will be inspecting termite monitoring devices and replacing the monitor when appropriate, and if activity is found we will notify you and offer a discounted price on the treatment of termites. Our staff will address any questions or concerns you may have about your service. If you cannot be home during service, no problem! The services focus on the outside where the pest problem starts, we will leave a door knocker letting you know your home has been protected by ATTENTION Pest Solutions and you will receive an email notification from your online account portal.

The premier CAP PLUS service is an annual pest prevention program that includes every other month service visits. If you see pests between visits, we will have a pest management professional out to your home immediately to perform maintenance at no additional cost.

Contact us today to discuss CAP PLUS for your home.