Learn About Yellow Jackets

Summer brings lots of insects, some of which are less nice than others. When it comes to yellow jackets, think not so nice. These stinging insects can get aggressive when disturbed or threatened. So let’s take a look at how to identify yellow jackets, where yellow jackets are commonly found, and how to get rid… Read Post »

June Pest Control Deals

June Pest Control Deals have arrived! Deal #1: Mosquito & Tick Reduction Program starting at $100 per service for yards 1 acre or less, with 3 services June/July/August for a total of $300 per season, or a convenient payment option of $100 per service. Deal #2: For our current CAP customers that do not already… Read Post »

Meet the Team at Attention Pest Solutions

The Attention Pest Solutions Team is here when you need us the most! We take great pride in our team and we really appreciate their dedication to protecting our customers. Every day a new challenge awaits us as pest control professionals, and our team always rises to meet that challenge. Let’s meet the team! Jason... Read Post »

Tick Borne Anaplasmosis on the Rise in Northeastern NY

The Times Union recently reported that Anaplasmosis, a tick-borne illness, is on the rise in Washington, Warren, Saratoga and Rensselaer counties. From 2009 to 2018, New York State (excluding NYC) saw the number of cases triple and in 2018 almost 20% of tested ticks in Warren County carried the disease causing bacterium Anaplasma phagocytophilum. This… Read Post »

Pest Control Deals

Pest Control Deals have arrived! Deal #1: We are waiving the initial setup fee ($250) for our Complete ATTENTION Program (CAP). Starting at $65 per month for 12 months, CAP offers all year long protection with 6 scheduled services per year, targeting of crawling/stinging insects and rodents, plus termite monitoring. Deal #2: Get 10% off… Read Post »

What We Know About the “Murder Hornet”

Murder Hornets are all over the news lately. And with a name like that, it’s no surprise. But what do we know about this unfamiliar pest? According to an article from CBS News, two of these unwelcomed guests were discovered in Washington State late last year. Nobody is sure how they arrived in the U.S.,… Read Post »

Common Stinging Insects of the Northeast

Warm weather has arrived and with it come the return of stinging insects. These stinging insects can deliver a painful and sometimes dangerous attack on humans and animals. Below is a list of the most common stinging insects of the Northeast so that you can be ready and know what to watch for. Carpenter Bees… Read Post »

How to Prevent Mosquitoes

Warm weather means firing up the BBQ grill, sitting on the deck…and getting bitten by mosquitoes?! You might think it’s inevitable, but there are in fact several measures you can take to significantly reduce the mosquito population around your home. Simple mosquito prevention ideas that you can do yourself include: Dump out any unnecessary sources… Read Post »

Learn About Bats

As we welcome spring, we also welcome the season to discuss a less talked about pest problem: Bats. The month of April is the ideal time to pursue bat eviction. And let’s face it, while they may be cute in a well-taken National Geographic photo, nobody wants a bat flying around their home. If you… Read Post »

How to Prevent Ticks

With warm weather and outdoor adventures comes the chance of hosting a tick. Throughout the spring, ticks feed on rodents becoming strong enough to feed on humans and deer. The deer tick is the main vector of Lyme disease in North America. There are a few simple precautions to take to help you stay away from these dangerous ticks: When… Read Post »