10 Facts About Termites

Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage and repair costs annually. These silent destroyers chew through wood, flooring and walls. Arming yourself with knowledge is the first step in getting ahead of these pests. Let’s learn more about them: Termite Facts: Winged termites are often the first sign of a subterranean termite infestation…. Read Post »

10 Facts About Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can be a major problem for Capital Region homeowners. As they invade, nest and grow their colony, significant damage can be done to the wood in your home. Let’s get a little more familiar with these pests: Carpenter Ant Facts: Carpenter ants do not eat wood, instead they tunnel and chew through it… Read Post »

Save on Rodent Prevention with WRAPS in April

Save 10% on our Wildlife & Rodent Attention Protective System (WRAPS) during the month of April! Plus take advantage of our low monthly payment option for your warranty. What is APS!-WRAPS Exclusion Systems APS!-WRAPS Exclusion Systems are a permanent wildlife & rodent barrier that protect homes, businesses, and other structures from being taken over by… Read Post »

Prevent Mosquitoes with the In2Care Mosquito Trap

Warm weather has arrived which means mosquito season is upon us. Your summer doesn’t have to be filled with buzzing and biting, though. It is possible to drastically reduce the mosquito population on your property. How so? We recommend the In2Care Mosquito Trap. The In2Care Mosquito Trap is made of durable plastic and uses water… Read Post »

Prevent Ticks with the Tick Box Tick Control System

Spring is here and so are the ticks. We all know ticks are dangerous Lyme disease spreaders and that they are prevalent in Upstate NY. But what can homeowners do to reduce the tick population on their property? We recommend the Tick Box Tick Control System. The Tick Box is a small, plastic box which… Read Post »

Save on Tick Control & Mosquito Control in March

Spring is coming, and so are ticks and mosquitoes. Don’t wait for these pests to start bugging you, get ahead of the problem to prevent mosquitoes and ticks with eco-friendly solutions. Rodents are one of the biggest carriers for ticks. Our Tick Box utilizes the rodents already present in your yard and brushes a small… Read Post »

10 Facts About Mosquitoes

The sounds of spring: birds chirping, sprinklers watering the lawn, hot dogs sizzling on the grill, and buzzzzzzzzzzzzz…MOSQUITOES! We’ve all been there. The annoying buzz in your ear followed by the sneaky landing, the bite, and the itchy bump. Let’s learn a little more about these annoying pests: Mosquito Facts: Only female mosquitoes bite. Female… Read Post »

10 Facts About Deer Ticks

With the arrival of spring comes the return of many pests. Deer ticks are typically most active during spring and fall. They are a very common pest in Upstate NY, so let’s learn a little more about them: Deer Tick Facts: The scientific name for the deer tick is Ixodes scapularis. Deer ticks are also… Read Post »

Think About Bugs When Planning Your 2021 Garden

As pest control professionals, you might assume we don’t like bugs. But we do! Well, some of them at least. We appreciate the contributions of beneficial insects to our food supply. We need them around. As you plan your 2021 garden (yes, spring is coming!), it is important to think about attracting beneficial insects, managing… Read Post »

Recent Pest Control Customer Reviews

We truly love what we do and helping our customers with their residential and commercial pest control needs. We appreciate the trust they place in our local pest control experts and we take our motto seriously: We’re there when you need us the most! Our customers are the best, and we’ve received some very kind… Read Post »