October is synonymous with ghosts, ghouls, goblins…and spiders! With the spooky season upon us, let’s take a look at a few types of spiders that are common to the Capital Region of New York.

Black & Yellow Garden Spider – True to its name, this spider is black and yellow in color, and commonly found in gardens and fields. Its web is incredibly impressive.

Wolf Spider – This spider is brown or grey and slightly furry, and it has long legs and eight large eyes. It forages at night…creepy, right?

Nursery Web Spider – This one is similar to a wolf spider but with smaller eyes and legs that are closer to its body. Its “nursery” web is built in vegetation and guards eggs sacs and spiderlings.

Jumping Spider – Featuring a stout body and legs as well as big eyes, this spider actually turns to look at approaching beings and can literally jump quite the distance.

Cellar Spider – With long, thin legs and a narrow, long body, this spider hangs from its web on walls close to the ceiling and will often gyrate in its web when threatened becoming difficult to see clearly.

American House Spider – This cobweb spider has a large, shiny, round abdomen with somewhat thin legs. It builds its web under protection from the elements such as your home.

Bonus Fact: The Daddy-long-legs technically isn’t a spider, it is a spider relative.

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