Fall officially begins on September 22nd which means Winter is right around the corner. Winter is primetime for rodents as they seek out warm shelter from the harsh elements outside. Your home is a very appealing shelter and it only takes a small opening for rodents to slip inside. So what can you do?

The time to start rodent prevention is now. It is best to get your defense in place before the rodents’ offense begins. Start by conducting a complete inspection of the exterior of your home, looking for any gaps, cracks and crevices. A mouse can fit through a hole as small as the width of a pencil, so you need to be very thorough.

Once you have identified all of the vulnerable areas, it’s time to seal them up. Flashing can be used in many areas such as where siding meets the foundation and along door frames. Screens are useful for roofing and dryer vents. A liquid sealant is useful around utility lines and plumbing.

You might be thinking this sounds like a lot of work, and you’re right – it is! The good news is you don’t have to do it because we’ll do the work for you. Our Wildlife & Rodent Attention Protective System (WRAPS) is the best rodent prevention service. A technician will evaluate potential access points around your home and design the proper rodent and wildlife prevention solution customized to your home’s unique needs.

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