Have you heard the term “bat exclusion”? It’s commonly used in the pest control industry, but it’s not something that everyone in the general public is necessarily familiar with. So today we are going to break it down so that you know exactly what bat exclusion is and why it is important.

Bat exclusion is the process of evicting bats from a dwelling, such as your home. Bats commonly get in areas such as attics and removing them is more involved than you might think. Once a bat makes its home, you can’t just let them fly out and seal it up because you could trap young bats inside. Instead, bat exclusion should be completed in early spring, late summer or fall to align with the mating cycle of bats.

When it comes to the actual process of bat exclusion, there are a few key steps to follow:

  1. Identify the primary entry and exit points that the bats are using
  2. Seal all other gaps that are not primary entry and exit points
  3. Install exclusion devices on the primary entry and exit points which allow bats to get out but not back in
  4. Wait for all bats to exit the dwelling
  5. Check to make sure there are no bats remaining inside
  6. Remove the exclusion devices and seal up the primary entry and exit points

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