You might think that the best time to evict a bat is when you see it. That would seem rather logical. However, that’s not quite the case. There is a strategic window for bat exclusion to effectively say goodbye to these unwanted guests.

Late summer, fall, and early spring are the best times for bat exclusion. In the winter months, it’s so cold out that the bats will likely try extra hard to get back inside. During late spring and most of the summer, bats are birthing and nursing which means flightless young bats could get stuck inside. To make sure they are all out and stay out, choose late summer, fall or early spring to proceed with bat exclusion.

The process begins with removal. Enlist the help of an experienced pest control professional to make sure all bats are safely removed from the structure. After removal, the exclusion process is completed with the sealing of all potential entry points so that bats can’t get back inside.

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