As pest control professionals, you might assume we don’t like bugs. But we do! Well, some of them at least. We appreciate the contributions of beneficial insects to our food supply. We need them around.

As you plan your 2021 garden (yes, spring is coming!), it is important to think about attracting beneficial insects, managing harmful insects, and keeping both out of your home.

When it comes to beneficial insects, pollinators include bees, butterflies, moths and flies. Predators, which help manage harmful pests by eating them, include ladybugs, praying mantises and green lacewing larvae. Parasitizers, primarily parasitic wasps, lay eggs on or in harmful insects which then hatch leading to larvae that feed on the harmful insects.

These beneficial insects can be attracted with early blooming plants such as alyssum, biennials that have been left to bloom such as carrots and parsley, plants with compound blossoms such as goldenrod and Queen Anne’s lace, and flowering herbs such as lavender and mint.

Now that you know how to attract beneficial insects to your garden to help your plants thrive and to help keep harmful insects at bay, the question is how do you keep them all out of your home?

Think about vulnerabilities and entry points such as holes in window screens and soffits. Keep vegetation away from the foundation of your home.  Don’t leave food out on the deck. And if you do have a pest issue, address it right away so that it does not become an even bigger issue.

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