We’ve all seen them…tiny, furry, kind of cute, but definitely uninvited – MICE! These pests are very common in Upstate NY and can be a nuisance for homeowners when they sneak in and start wreaking havoc. Before we talk about how to get rid of mice, let’s review the facts.

Mice Facts:

  1. According to the National Pest Management Association, mice and other rodents invade an estimated 21 million homes in the U.S. each winter.
  2. Mice eat often…as often as 20 times per day.
  3. Speaking of eating, mice like to nest near food sources to make it easier to snack.
  4. Mice typically live less than 6 months in the wild.
  5. Mice can carry up to 200 human pathogens.
  6. The average mouse produces 40 to 100 droppings every day.
  7. Mice can jump up to a foot.
  8. Mice can fit through openings as small as a dime.
  9. Due to poor vision, mice rely on their sense of smell, touch and hearing.
  10. A mouse’s incisor teeth never stop growing, so they gnaw on things to grind them down.

How to Get Rid of Mice:

Truly getting rid of mice is not as simple as setting a snap trap. Attention Pest Solutions’ rodent program targets mice to put an end to them once and for all. We perform a complete inspection of the interior and exterior of your home to identify rodent activity. Based on our inspection, we install a tamper resistant rodent baiting system, perform minor exclusion (or pest-proofing) on the outside of your home to aid in the prevention of future activity, and clean up rodent droppings as well as implement other measures that will get rid of the mice. When you partner with us for rodent control, we will return to your home every other month to maintain your rodent-free home!

Contact us today for a free inspection.  Attention Pest Solutions offers residential pest control and commercial pest control for Saratoga County, Albany County, Washington County, Fulton County, Warren County, Schenectady County and Montgomery County.