Fall is here which means pumpkins, apples, leaves and a new season of pests. The change in weather brings a change in behavior for most pests. So what should you be watching out for?

  1. Rodents – As colder weather sets in, rodents like mice and rats seek out warm shelter and food sources. Houses are a common target and small gaps in the exterior are like a wide open door for rodents, so seal them up now.
  2. Ticks – When ground temperatures are above 45 degrees, ticks are active and looking for hosts. Clean up leaf debris to minimize the environment ticks like and wear long pants when outside.
  3. Stink Bugs – You might not associate the cool weather of fall with stink bugs, but fall is a very common time for them to wander into your home as they seek out a warm hiding place for the winter. This is known as an overwintering pest.
  4. Lady Bugs – Another overwintering pest is the lady bug. Just like the stink bug, lady bugs will seek out a warm hiding place for the winter and then reappear in the spring. If you see them around your home, act quickly to evict them before they go into hiding.

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