Welcome, autumn! Fall officially begins on September 22nd and the season is always a beautiful time of year here in Upstate New York. As you enjoy the foliage, apple cider and pumpkins, it is also important to think about protecting your home from a new season of pests.

To help you keep the pests away, we have a few helpful fall pest control tips for you:

  1. Check Your Fall Goodies – As you bring in fall items like pumpkins and apples, be sure to check them over for insects before bringing them inside.
  2. Watch for Overwintering Pests – Overwintering pests like stink bugs and lady bugs look for warm shelter as colder weather sets in. Fall is primetime for these pests to find their way into your home where they will then hide until they emerge in the spring, so be on the lookout.
  3. Inspect the Surroundings of Your Home – Pests come from the outdoors, so spend some time checking the exterior surroundings of your home for areas that could be appealing to pests. For example, it is best to keep stacks of firewood away from the house so that hiding rodents don’t find themselves too close to your home.
  4. Locate and Seal Exterior Entry Points – Rodents don’t need very big holes to get into your home. Small cracks and gaps can be enough for them to get inside. Check your foundation, windows, doors, roof, etc. for any potential problem areas. Attention Pest Solutions offers a Wildlife & Rodent Attention Protective System (WRAPS) to enclose the areas of your home where these pests most frequently enter. Eliminating potential entry into your home is the key to a successful elimination program.

To learn more about WRAPS, contact us today. Attention Pest Solutions offers residential pest control and commercial pest control for Saratoga County, Albany County, Washington County, Fulton County, Warren County, Schenectady County and Montgomery County.