Summer brings lots of insects, some of which are less nice than others. When it comes to yellow jackets, think not so nice. These stinging insects can get aggressive when disturbed or threatened. So let’s take a look at how to identify yellow jackets, where yellow jackets are commonly found, and how to get rid of yellow jackets.

How to Identify Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are typically hairless and feature black and yellow markings. Their waists are thinner than that of a bee, and their wings are as long as their body.

Where Yellow Jackets are Commonly Found

Yellow jackets can be found pollinating, eating small insects, or snooping around the trash or picnic table.

Yellow jacket nests are often found underground. Look for circles of dirt with a hole in the middle or for depressions where they may have dug underneath. Nests can also be found in wall voids, bushes, low branches and the corners of structures.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets can sting multiple times and their nests are often highly populated. If you find a nest, don’t go near it and don’t try flooding it with the garden hose. Proper treatment will need to be made in accordance with the location of the nest.

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