June Pest Control Deals have arrived!

Deal #1: Mosquito & Tick Reduction Program starting at $100 per service for yards 1 acre or less, with 3 services June/July/August for a total of $300 per season, or a convenient payment option of $100 per service.

Deal #2: For our current CAP customers that do not already have a Mosquito & Tick Reduction Program, you will receive 25% off the first Mosquito & Tick Reduction service in June.

Tick/Mosquito Reduction – Granular applications will be made to landscapes and overgrowth at each routine scheduled service visit. At each scheduled service visit residual applications will be made to overgrowth and low lying tree & shrub foliage (mosquito resting areas). IGR dunks will be used in water depressions (ditching, ponds).

Don’t let mosquitoes and ticks ruin your summer! Sign up before 7/1/2020 to receive these deals. Call Attention Pest Solutions today at 518-203-1315 or fill out our contact form.