Warm weather has arrived and with it come the return of stinging insects. These stinging insects can deliver a painful and sometimes dangerous attack on humans and animals. Below is a list of the most common stinging insects of the Northeast so that you can be ready and know what to watch for.

Carpenter Bees – These bees have shiny black abdomens (completely black for females while males are black and orange). The females can sting you but rarely will unless they are threatened. These bees can also tunnel into wooden structures to form nests, causing damage in the process.

Cicada Killers – Notoriously large in size, these wasps are either a dark reddish brown or black with yellow striping. These types of bees do not travel in large groups, and unlike other wasps they are not very aggressive. However, this can change if they are touched or threatened.

Honey Bees – Honey bees are smaller with a typical body length of just 15mm. Sporting a fuzzy thorax and a banded black and yellow abdomen, honey bees do live in large communities with numbers reaching into the thousands. It is best to avoid these insects since they can cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals and have the potential to trigger their hive to also attack under certain circumstances.

Hornets – This type of bee has a long thin body, white face, and black thorax and abdomen. Measuring in at about 1 inch in length, hornets will aggressively defend their nest. If a threat is perceived, this type of bee has a smooth stinger allowing it to sting you repeatedly.

Yellow Jackets – These infamous wasps are a very aggressive insect with distinctive black and yellow markings. Yellow jackets typically build very large colonies in underground nests, and are also capable of stinging their victims multiple times.

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