Bats are an important part of our ecosystem, there’s no question about it. However, they pose serious dangers to humans if they get into your home.

Why bats go into your home

Just like any pest, bats may enter your home looking for safety and shelter. Your home provides a safe, warm place for them to live and reproduce. A bat could enter your home accidently chasing insects for food. If this happens, it could be a one-time deal and there may not be a nest in your attic or walls. However if it reoccurs, this could mean they have set up home inside yours.

How bats get into your home

Bats find small holes and cracks around the roof or attic area of a home or building. As air cools at night, it is drawn in through the cracks and into the warmer attic space. Bats follow the air currents through the cracks and into your home. Once inside they may take up roost in the attic or in the walls, depending on the type of bat. Sometimes a bat will leave the attic or wall space and find its way into other parts of your home. It does this similarly to how it found its way into your attic, via air current of cooler temperature, typically air conditioning.

Dangers of having a bat in your home

Bats are not a pest you want in your home. Even if you don’t see a bat, just by having them in your home can be a danger. Bat droppings can carry a fungus that can cause a lung infection when inhaled. This becomes harmful when bat droppings dry up and become air borne. Bats also bite and carry rabies!

What to do if a bat gets in your home

If you find a bat flying around your home, try to confine it to a closed room where there are no people or pets and contact us immediately. We will come right over, catch the bat and safely release it into the wild to resume its contributions to our ecosystem.

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