Some people may think mice are cute, but unless you’re buying one from the pet store you don’t want them in your home. Unwanted rodents can carry disease, leave droppings and urine around, cause damage to your home, contaminate your food, and multiple quickly. Knowing what rodents love can help you take measures to prevent them from feeling like invited guests.

Like a Valentine loves roses and chocolate, rodents are known to love:

  1. A cozy place to set up a nest: Rodents come into your home seeking shelter. There are many ways rodents can find their way into your home, with the most common being gaps and cracks. Check your foundation regularly and fill in any flaws, make sure entry points for utility, plumbing, and HVAC are properly sealed, and be sure to remove window units at the end of summer. Keep wood piles away from the exterior of your home, as rodents often view them as safe harbor and can soon migrate to your home.
  2. A nice dinner: Once in your home, rodents can get into your pantry looking for anything to eat. Here they can leave droppings and urine and contaminate your food. Leaving food out in the open can also attract them into your home. Be sure to keep food properly wrapped and stored to avoid an open invitation.
  3. Standing water: Just as rodents are attracted to your food, they also are attracted to water sources. Check for any leaky pipes, keep pet water bowls inside, and be sure to cover up pools.
  4. Waste and compost: Rodents aren’t picky when it comes to where their next meal is coming from. They like the food in your pantry just as much as pet waste, garbage, and compost. Be sure to clean your yard regularly of pet waste, have a garbage bin with a tight seal and don’t overfill, and remove organic material like leaf piles or grass clippings.
  5. Birdfeeders and birdbaths: Birds are pretty and something many of us like to look at through all seasons with the many different types. But, having birdfeeders or birdbaths around your home are an invitation to rodents too. They’ll eat the bird seed and drink the water. Set these up a good distance from the exterior of your home to reduce the risk of rodents finding their way in.

If you suspect you have a rodent problem, contact us today. Attention Pest Solutions will come to your home and evaluate the potential access points, investigate the pests in and around your home, and discuss with you the solution plan best suited for your specific needs. Count on us for the best rodent control, wildlife control and wildlife pest removal. We proudly offer expert pest control for Saratoga County, Albany County, Washington County, Fulton County, Warren County, Schenectady County and Montgomery County.