Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. When it comes to pest control, this can mean knowing your potential pests and being prepared to prevent their invasion into your home. When it comes to rats, in the Northeast there are two main types of rats to get to know: Norway Rats and Roof Rats.

Norway Rats

Also known as a brown rat or sewer rat, the Norway Rat is most commonly brownish-grey in color, 7 to 9.5 inches in length with a tail that is mildly shorter than their body. This type of rodent is often responsible for ground level damage to the home. Their burrowing behaviors can lead to the destruction of foundations, patios, sidewalks, etc. These rats commonly live in large communities and will increase their reproduction rates when community sizes begin to dwindle. Cool, sub-level dwellings like basements are most common for Norway Rats.

Roof Rats

Slightly smaller than their counterparts, Roof Rats measure in at about 6 to 8 inches in length, with scaly longer tails than the Norway rat. This species is brown and black in color, and commonly known as black rats or ship rats. Roof Rats are climbers and will chew through walls, insulation, pipes and wires in search of refuge which they commonly take up in higher ground such as in the attic.

Both of these rodents are capable of spreading disease through their droppings and urine, along with causing damage to your house. Both species can contaminate your food supplies and are likely to seek out your pantry for nourishment. If you are concerned about a potential rat problem, contact us today to schedule a free inspection!

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