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While pests can be a year round problem, homeowners and business owners commonly notice an increase in the presence of pests during the winter. This can be attributed to the fact that as the weather gets colder, just like us, pests are seeking reprieve from the harsh conditions outdoors. Many species struggle to survive in the cold weather, dry habitats become scarcer, food sources are less abundant, and your home provides for all of their needs.

So what can you do about pest control and pest prevention during the winter? Plenty! Before the snow hits the ground, take a thorough tour around your home and look for these opportunities to pest-proof your home:

  • Repair any leaks or improperly ventilated areas. Moisture and pools of water are a breeding ground for many pests.
  • Seal any gaps around windows, doors, vents, and utility or HVAC lines. These gaps provide entry points from the outdoors.
  • Keep clutter organized and up off the ground to avoid providing nesting spaces for rodents and wildlife pests.
  • Keep piles of wood and leaves at least 20 feet away from your house.
  • Repair any damage to the foundation, gutters and eves of the roof.
  • Keep all food sources (human food, pet food, bird food) sealed and off the floor.

If you are concerned about a potential pest problem, contact us today to schedule a free inspection! Our skilled exterminators will work with you to create the best rodent control, wildlife removal, elimination of termites, eradication of bed bugs, or any other pest control needs that you may have!

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