wildlife pest removal

Contrary to popular belief, rodents are not just a wintertime problem. The threat of a rodent infestation is present year round. Fortunately, there are preventative measures that homeowners can take in order to safeguard their home from being invaded. Having extensive experience in dealing with wildlife and rodent infestations, Attention Pest Solutions invented WRAPS (Wildlife & Rodent Attention Protective System) to provide our clients with the best rodent control and wildlife control in the Capital Region.

Through WRAPS our specialists work alongside homeowners to evaluate, secure and protect their sanctuary year round. Wildlife can get inside your home in a number of ways, all of which our specialists are trained to address. Things that put your home at higher risk and in need of wildlife pest removal services include:

  1. Gaps or flaws where the framing or siding meets the foundation.
  2. Stacks of firewood close to the house.
  3. Window fans or air conditioning units in the windows too far into the cold season.
  4. HVAC and utility line entry points that are not properly sealed.
  5. Window and door frames that are worn or bowing.
  6. Garage doors that leave a ¼” or larger gap at any point around the door.
  7. Roofing and dryer vents that are not properly sealed.

Contact us today! Attention Pest Solutions proudly offers expert pest control for Saratoga County, Albany County, Washington County, Fulton County, Warren County, Schenectady County and Montgomery County. At your scheduled appointment, one of our Service Specialists will come to your home and evaluate the potential access points, investigate the pests in and around your home, and discuss with you the Solution Plan best suited for your specific needs. Count on us for the best rodent control, wildlife control and wildlife removal.